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Anonymous: What if I told you that we see eye to eye and many subjects and then what if I told you I was of African American decent ;_;

i dont hate indiscriminately, if you’re a person that sees eye to eye with me on a lot of subjects then chances are you’re a commonsensical individual whom i’d have no problem with.

Anonymous: I agree with your viewpoint on the anti-SJW bullshit but you come across as an aspie when you write out all your posts. Try to relax because you sound as bad as all the SJW flith on this site.

are u talking about posts on 4chan, i dont write anything here

cheaseart: Reading your blog is pretty depressing I wish you could admit to yourself that you are a complete shit for brains asshole and actually have the humility to do something about it

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Anonymous: Are you selling any of your garments atm?

everything i have for sale will always be up at

Anonymous: Is this you pigfuck? If it is fuck you up the nostril with a dragon dildo


raf simons ss03 consumed bomber

this came today. only one ive seen photographed outside museum and the collection itself.

raf simons consumed ss03 bomber jacket


Boris IgnatovichThe Atlanteans at the entrance of to the Hermitage. Leningrad, 1931



Boris Ignatovich
The Atlanteans at the entrance of to the Hermitage. Leningrad, 1931


(via fukarushukaru)

Anonymous: Why is a girl cheating on a guy okay....


because look at the moon and the sun. the moon is very masculine; dark, cold, got a foot print on it. the sun is very feminine; bright, firey, orange. this represents the natural order of humanity. the sun cheats on the moon all the time with all the other planets. the moon remains faithful. why? because its the natural order

dumbest thing ive ever read

Anonymous: are you fellstalk

whoeverwhohasit: I don't know??? U are serious? Maybe you're not? Is this a joke blog??? Is it sublty paying out all the white male run fashion blogs?? Are you real???? I don't know. How do afford all this designer shit man I saved for 6 months to buy some RO geobaskets.

the name cisprivilegewhitemale is meant as a sardonic insult aimed at SJW tumblr movement. i dont subscribe to the use of that sort inane rhetoric; but according to some i would be a cis privilege white male. i am proud to be, so ill wear it with pride on the most absurdly socialist/insane/sjw site one the internet.

hl bomber, aw03 raf hoodie, aw03 raf jeans

hl bomber, aw03 raf hoodie, aw03 raf jeans

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