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"Fuck those Rick Owens-loving fags," says the Raf Simons fan, slipping on his mesh tank top and cuffed acid wash jeans. "At least there are still some real designers out here making clothes for powerful straight men like myself." He zips up the Helmut Lang MA-1, and adjusts the straps around his neck and groin. The sun is up. It’s a new day.

He walks but a few steps from his parked (made in the US)car when several members of the opposite sex throw themselves at him, asses raised, cooing for his white seed. Please white man, your youth culture inspired, neo-apocalyptic vibes, your OS hoodies and ‘i dont care about your nigger problems’ sweaters make our assholes positively quiver with temptation. Fill us. Fill all our holes.

"Sorry he responds" muffled by his all white face mask, "I am not a degenerate. woe unto you all, I spit on thee"

Upon this utterance the degenerate wanton whores preceed to climax simultaneously, for hours they writh and squirm at the very utterate of his perfect white voice. Only comas, clinically induced by the paramedics who were called to the scene, could cease their pleasure overload.

A figure clad in all white, lights a flare and struts off into the distance, pure, white, and good.

trnscndnt: r u gay?


the more homosexuals start adopting the better imo

the more homosexuals start adopting the better imo

these poor minorities just want a chance to fit in but the evil white man won’t allow them. why are whites so FUCKING racist?? its just DISGUSTING UGH




women disgust me

Trust me when I say the Carpe Diem network stretches infinite.There are very old and deep roots here that are just not spoken about. If you investigate almost any enormously successful label or couture house currently operating there are ties to Maurizio, or to his witch-children. Did you know…



humalien: What is it about Raf Simons and really fucking shitty straight white teenagers from, almost exclusively, the United States and Australia? What is it?

mecharirychan:he resells their mediocre aesthetic back to them, at a price point and with a name association that lets them pretend…

its cuz straight white males are the best and raf is the best, laws of attraction - science - nothing more than that goys.

i feel like RO is for SJW minded tumblr types who say things like ‘white people’ and ‘privilege’

these people are gay

probably have aids
gay cancer

u guys into bug chasing? i feel like RO is the bug chasers uniform.

>puts on RO double layer
>puts on androgynous feminist friendly anti privilege pod shorts
>layers this with demasculinising RO skirt
>finish with RO TABI boots(my prejudice stompers)
>before leaving the house drink tall glass of vegan friendly soy milk(the soy beans were destroyed humanely)
>take hit of estrogen, my gyno is coming along nicely
>go down to my favourite gay porn house and sit in one of the booths with my skirt hitched up waiting with anticipation for a possed up nigger to breed my sissy hole with a huge viral load

Wild at Heart (dir.David Lynch)

(via scarlettheroin)

fuck you

mawanrd: Do you sell a raf Simons velcro man ?

yes 550 with box

Anonymous: are you a homosexual? ◔̯◔



fag enabler dog


fag enabler dog